RCL Identity - Demo Applications


Please do not include your personal information and government id in the demo applications. Fictitious information can be used. You could create an email to use specifically for the demo applications . Email addresses and personal information will be viewable by the public.

This is a demonstration of the Enrollment and Identity Proofing applications available for download and installation on GitHub. You can learn how to install and configure your own instances of these applications on the documentation site.

How to use


You will use the demo Enrollment application to get a first-hand appreciation of the user experience in requesting a sign-up approval for a Digital Identity. Please use fictitious personal data for this demo. You should also register a new email just to use this demo.

Identity Proofing

You will use the demo Identity Proofing application to approve a user's sign-up request

with the Azure AD B2C Identity Provider (IDP)

Once a user's sign-up request is approved in the Identity Proofing application, the user account is created in the Azure B2C IDP.

Claim a W3C Verifiable Credential (Preview)

You will use the demo Enrollment application to claim a W3C Verifiable Credential once the user account is created.

The demo applications are hosted in an an Azure Fee App Service Plan. As a result, you may experience slow loading at times. The free tier is limited to 60 CPU minutes per day. If this limit is reached, the applications will go offline until this limit is replenished. If you need help with this demo please contact us at support@rclapp.com